How to run two concurrent instances of Skype on Lion.

Update: January 12th, 2012

I wanted to run two instances of skype on my desktop for two separate skype accounts (home and work). This is how I did it – it works but is a bit cumbersome. Once I automate this I’ll post a simpler solution.

  • Login to your machine as normal and start Skype  with your usual account (this is my personal account).
  • Create a new standard login account on the machine in question using Systems Preferences. (You only do this the first time)
  • In your normal login environment open a Terminal (from Applications/Utilities).
  • In this Terminal first switch user to the newly created account using “su”. Then execute the as follows:
bash-3.2:~ YourUsualAcoount$ su NewAccountName
Password:<enter password for newly create account)
bash-3.2$ /Applications/ &
[1] 703
  • You might see some messages in the Terminal which can be ignored.
  • You might see the following window – just click cancel.

  • You can now login as normal to skype window presented to you with the other skype account (in my case the work account).