Moving to UTAS

Moving to UTAS

Useful stuff for getting visa and for new arrivals

Irish Garda Clearance: OK – to get your Garda clearance certificate don’t both writing to the central office in Dublin. Go to the nearest main Garda station and do it there. Takes a few minutes rather than a few months.

Visa folks always need this form: Although they don’t tell you up front absolutely everyone is asked to complete Form 80. “Form 80 – Personal Particulars for Character Assessment: Please complete, sign and return the Form 80 – It is recommended that you return it to this office as soon as you can as further enquiries may need to be made depending on the information you provide. Please note – one form per applicant aged 16 and over will be required.” This is a slight nightmare form which details all your travel for last ten years. I made best efforts to complete this, as did my partner who was a senior exec in pharma responsible for international reg affairs so travelled A LOT. But we also had to write in that there were some trips I simply could not find information on. This seemed to be accepted. Everyone I’ve asked had to fill this in, and absolutely everyone was told they could (should) have submitted with the application. So  – to speed things up you can do this with the full form.

You need a tax number:  This can be done online here ( It takes about a month. You cannot do it from outside the country (yes – its checks whether you’ve actually arrived in the country) and you will need your passport and visa details to hand.

Register for Medicare: You (all if you are a family) need to turn up with form and passports of all family members. Nearest  offices can be be found on following link. Offices:

Opening a bank account: This can be done from outside Australia and money transferred prior to arrival. There are a tonne of banks here in Australia. I went for ease of setup.  There is a Commonwealth of Australia Bank on Campus. If you complete the form on the CBA website ( you will be contacted by a CBA person who will walk you through a process – all done by an initial call and then email. I opened a cheque account, savings and credit card all prior to arrival. Was able to transfer funds and then turn up on my first day with my passport and collect cards and the account worked.

Rentals in Hobart/Tasmania: There are two main websites for rentals and house purchases in Australia. These are domain and realestate. I found realestate to be the best but this may be personal – they seem to have a big overlap. The main months for rentals are the summer (late Nov to Early feb) and this is when 12 month leases tend to come up. Out of those times leases tend to be for a period to get them into the summer peak rental time. You will find they are open to 18 month leases etc.

Schools: This is a complex matter with a mix of private and states schools. Coming from Ireland they have a different School year, different age start for primary and a number of unique features. All of the schools are listed on the Education website. Local knowledge here is important and state schools are catchment area based. The education website does have school reports and reviews.